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    its finally done!!

    If you are a Star Trek fan, this is your theme! Animations, sounds, hidden docks, and today items! Put your favorite weather app in slot 0 and it shows in the planetary data! hitting the COMM button slides out a dock with shortcuts to email, txt, calendar, and a custom apps. SLT-2 opens app in slot 2. SLT-3 is app 3. Hitting the apps button opens a dock with 6 customizable apps! new mail indicator, scan bars in the bottom watch your ship for trouble. Quick access to the profiles......turn it sideways and in landscape mode you have access to 5 apps AND today items!!

    This is a must have if you love the LCARS style!

    IF you have an LCARS theme already - uninstall it - reboot, then install this one

    Mobile Purchase @ CrackBerry | Mobihand
    Desktop Purchase @ CrackBerry | Mobihand

    Normally $4.99
    On sale till 9/30/2011 for $2.99![/CENTER]

    FIRST 3 to use coupon LOVELCARS gets it free!!! HURRY!
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    09-22-11 02:26 PM
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    Hey Static,
    looks great. I downloaded from Mobihand, and I could be wrong, but I think they've linked your version to the one that was done a while back by another theme maker...not yours

    I'll try to download from Crackberry and keep you posted.
    09-22-11 02:50 PM
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    ???? if you have the "other" version... it might cause issues. uninstall - then re-download?
    09-22-11 02:56 PM
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    What Static says. The original version must be removed or the new download won't work properly.
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    09-22-11 03:06 PM
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    just starting to play with this...but WOW, it is AWESOME!
    Well done Static, this may replace 006 as my favourite theme.....maybe! :-)
    09-22-11 06:07 PM
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    Static, the social feeds app is hard to read. The "writer" shows fine, but the topic or tweet doesn't show unless you scroll over it, can you change the font on that part to be visible?
    09-22-11 06:27 PM
  7. StaticFX's Avatar
    i will take a look... screenshots please
    09-22-11 08:37 PM
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    Firstly, I have to say, this theme is FANTASTIC!!! You've done an amazing job with this theme, StaticFX!! I was lucky enough to grab a free copy with the coupon code, however, this theme is WELL worth it's stand alone price, let alone the sale price. My new favourite theme by far!!!

    Here's a screenshot of what durbin007 was talking about. You can't see the black text on black background in the social feeds. Bbm works fine, but with facebook and twitter posts, you have to scroll over each post in order to read it. Minor flaw, in an otherwise, damn near perfect theme.
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    09-23-11 06:44 AM
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    ok thanks GLant... that App has caused so many issues! it wont follow the theme colors.
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    09-23-11 07:19 AM
  10. newcollector's Avatar
    ok thanks GLant... that App has caused so many issues! it wont follow the theme colors.
    Sorry StaticFX. Since I don't Twitter, and I don't use that Social Feeds (I use Blackberry News), so I didn't notice this. The upside, for me is the theme is perfect!!
    09-23-11 02:01 PM
  11. durbin007's Avatar
    hey Static,
    do you know if you can fix the Social Feeds highlight issue?
    09-28-11 08:47 AM