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    Here it is by popular demand!

    Impakt - Bounce Back Pink is a take off of my original Impakt Theme Series. I incorporated feedback from various users to give you the latest release. Impakt is still incredibly fast and user friendly giving you a professional theme capable of going from the board room to the living room. All icons are user defined and show notifications. The home screen even shows 3rd party icons as being skinned in the tabs. I hope you all enjoy the latest and greatest in the Impakt line of themes.

    9800 Users:

    22 Home screen Icons - Including 2 weather slots
    ALL Icons are User Defined by the App Screen Order
    4 Tabs of 5 Icons Each
    Hide All Button on the Bottom Bar
    QuickLaunch Hot Spot over Battery
    Custom Battery and Signal Meters
    Landscape Home Screen

    Check Here for My Other IMPAKT Themes

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    Free coupon for the first one?
    03-02-11 03:12 AM
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    Very nice!! Can you PLEASE post the wallpaper so we can use this theme w/ fancy widgets? Thanks

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    03-02-11 04:32 AM
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    Wallpapers posted on OT. :-)
    03-02-11 04:35 AM