1. mrskittens's Avatar
    I am so grateful to win a contest!!! I LOVE Crackberry and Mobihand!!!

    But this contest theme today did a number on my Torch 9800 so I'm warning other winners to proceed with caution or not at all. Deciding now whether to wipe or live with the yucky changes, now that I reverted to a reliable theme and recovered the easy things. And yes, I did reboot along the way -- this is just one of those under-tested themes that replaces perfectly good BB icons with ?s and forgets to change them back when uninstalled.

    I thought I should warn other winners in case mine isn't the only 9800 with this problem.

    Good luck everyone!
    09-14-11 11:58 PM
  2. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    Which theme are you referring to, exactly? Your title references 2 different themes. There is a current contest on the blogs for Cute Pink and Leopard, and last week we ran the iColors contest. Different themes, different developers.

    Also, have you tried contacting the developer to see if they can update the theme to fix the issues?
    09-15-11 12:21 AM
  3. mrskittens's Avatar
    Hi Michelle,

    I noticed that discrepancy too. I followed the link from the email I got tonight that said I won, and it brought me right to the iColors theme -- I didn't search for it or anything, just clicked on the link, and put it in the basket with the code, which worked. I don't think I entered the iColors contest (I generally avoid things that start with "i") but I wouldn't swear to it. It does seem apparent though that something got mixed up along the way.

    I did contact the developer and copied to Mobihand. At this point I won't use it but I did want to report it. Thank goodness I'm reasonably recovered though (no wipe necessary) (I hate doing those!)

    Thanks for checking in. You are very kind!

    I should make amend my comment on the contest page. I don't want the wrong developer to get that feedback.
    09-15-11 12:33 AM
  4. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    I adjusted your thread title too.

    Glad you didn't end up wiping, that can be a real pain for sure. Hopefully the developer will get back to you soon.
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    09-15-11 12:39 AM
  5. mrskittens's Avatar
    Michelle, I will PM you the email I got today so you can see that it was for the iColor theme, not the Leopard one.

    If the Leopard theme is good I'd love to try it

    Ah thanks for retitling, too!
    09-15-11 12:39 AM