12-17-12 07:55 AM
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  1. islandfever2009's Avatar
    Hello everyone....after sporting an HTC Vivid now for a month....I'm thinking of doing another theme for you all based on my favorites of that phone using ICS 4.0 UI I should start work on it in a few days and will create a new post with some screen shots of it

    Hey man, what's up? Just wondering if you'd gotten around to making this theme? I'm stuck on a Torch 9800 till Feb 1st, so I need an HTC fix. Thanks!
    08-27-12 01:50 AM
  2. trinichindian's Avatar
    It appears the BBTHEMELAB, the host for all my themes, has discontinued the host service without notifying me (or any other developers that used his host). I appologize for the inconvience. Until I can find another host site, my themes will unfortunately be unavailable.

    Hey cgmorgan1;

    By chance would you consoder uploading this theme to dropbox so it can be shared again.
    09-17-12 07:54 PM
  3. cgmorgan1's Avatar
    Hey, I've just received a free Minecraft Giftcode!
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    10-06-12 06:08 PM
  4. Biggie84's Avatar
    Where can I download this theme??
    10-08-12 08:51 AM
  5. playbookster's Avatar
    Yeah, where is the link? i want this bad
    10-22-12 07:53 PM
  6. bb_dude_cool's Avatar
    This is way cool! Thanks dude for giving us all an awesome theme to pump up our phone.
    10-24-12 03:16 PM
  7. J.M.Y's Avatar
    why I can't download it ? it says "Nothing found for Redirect S KEVIN7Y", the link directs me to another web.. Help me ?
    12-17-12 07:55 AM
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