1. sadosdesigns's Avatar
    Just wondering bout how important is the wallpaper to people in a theme? thinkin of a theme design but wont be wallpaper friendly.
    11-14-10 05:50 AM
  2. bbicons's Avatar
    I think it ties it all together (if you are putting a design to it)
    11-14-10 06:24 AM
  3. kirkgbr's Avatar
    Depends on the theme. Many times i have installed a theme, i changed the wall to black.
    11-14-10 06:34 AM
  4. homer1475's Avatar
    I think you'll find most people want a customizable wallpaper in any theme.
    11-14-10 06:44 AM
  5. sadosdesigns's Avatar
    yah i know alot of them want a wallpaper friendly theme.. got the theme in mind that is if i can figure out the svg work.. also its gonna be a girly theme... so i think double the need for wallpaper right? lol
    11-14-10 06:52 AM
  6. geoalaska's Avatar
    wallpaper isnt a big factor when it comes to themes as long as the theme itself looks good
    11-14-10 09:07 AM
  7. swdoro's Avatar
    people usually use their own walls
    11-14-10 09:44 AM
  8. sadosdesigns's Avatar
    Yah I know. Just talking bout a theme that u can hardly see a wall

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    11-14-10 01:17 PM
  9. ElDuderino2112's Avatar
    I always use my own wallpaper. I never use themes in which the wallpaper is hidden or I can't use my favourite wallpapers with it. That's just my opinion.

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    11-17-10 12:20 AM
  10. IchigoMochi's Avatar
    It really depends on what the theme looks like for me, but for the most part wallpaper friendly papers are what I've been using. I think the HTC themes are a nice example of some that aren't exactly wallpaper friendly, but are headed in the right direction as far as non-wallpaper friendly themes are concerned. I'm personally just not fond of HTC/iOS themes so I still have yet to see a theme that isn't wallpaper friendly that wins me over.
    11-17-10 01:44 AM
  11. afimelb's Avatar
    not too important i always change the background. i think the icons are more important as i like unique icons that arent confusing
    11-17-10 02:30 AM
  12. sadosdesigns's Avatar
    well the theme will be basically intended for women.. trying to find a way around it.. plus not sure what r the most used apps on BB now days.
    11-17-10 04:45 AM
  13. Jean-luc_Picard's Avatar
    Wallpaper friendly is a bonus, I won't ignore a perfectly good theme because it's wallpaper friendly, just like I wouldn't ignore a perfectly good theme just because it doesn't have a today screen... Some people love having their wallpaper, but I don't think there's anybody who hates having a wallpaper-friendly theme, so if you can then make it wallpaper friendly, but don't worry if you can't
    11-17-10 04:10 PM
  14. sadosdesigns's Avatar
    yah im gonna check it out.. bout to start the meter designs.. so seeing as it goes
    11-17-10 06:17 PM
  15. McFordo's Avatar
    You're going to please some and not others. Some like a wallpaper friendly smoe like cool icons all over.
    11-18-10 06:58 PM
  16. sadosdesigns's Avatar
    sounds good... when i have somowhat done with the homescreen gonna upload a shot...

    another question.. what r the most used apps?

    and one question to theme makers... i got the latest theme studio and when i open to make a theme for a certain phone i only see storm not storm 2... isnt there a difference between both phones?
    11-18-10 07:51 PM
  17. doubledecker's Avatar
    I only use themes that allow me to use my bb as a photo frame/LOL just my preference sure ur gonna have haters either way
    11-22-10 09:30 AM
  18. sadosdesigns's Avatar
    yah i can tell already.. hopefully they will let that slide for me being my first theme after a year break... hahah
    11-22-10 09:53 AM
  19. berryap's Avatar
    I have purchased themes that are not wallpaper friendly....i will never do so again
    11-22-10 10:48 AM