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    I must first give credit to tellsells for providing the neccessary command name for this. ORIGINAL POST

    1) Add Zen Item (s)
    2) Click the button you are wanting to make your search button
    3) Towards the top of TB UN-click "Use Device Application Order"
    4) Click the little wrench/paper icon to the left of step 3
    5) "Third Party Application" should be the first highlighted option - keep that
    6) On the bottom of the screen (of step 5) in the field "Third Party Application Name", use tellsells' string "net_rim_bb_universalsearch_app"
    7) "OK"
    8) Your button should now work. However, to change the image of it...
    9) Back to the "General" section of your button list you will see "Application List [arrow]", then a button that probably looks like the BB button; click that to change your new button image to a search image (or whatnot).
    02-05-11 11:18 AM