1. f.nic6's Avatar
    Here is a simple 8 icon, no tray, torch theme with pink highlights and fonts for the girls.

    Forgot to mention... its FREE.

    if there is anything wrong with this theme please let me know...

    and hit the thanks button if you enjoy it


    MyBBOTA.com Download - Girly Simple Torch
    06-23-11 08:44 AM
  2. kimbonini's Avatar
    I just downloaded this theme and it's very cute! I love the colorful parts of the theme ! Maybe you could also show when the phone is charging on the homescreen? When I click on the internet it shows the charging icon, but not on the regular homescreen. The only problem I'm having with it so far is that when I click on the Sounds and Alerts Profile icon it gives me an error message :? I'm going to try restarting my phone to see if that helps, but I'm liking the theme so far! Thanks!

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    06-24-11 10:19 AM