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    This started in another thread, but it now deserve it's own for all to see with screenshots and such. Here goes.

    I made 2 versions so far, one with the OS6 "tabs" (favorites, downloads, etc), and one with a "today" homescreen with messages and calendar events. Both have custom signal and battery icons that I made (known issue with battery icon: when battery is fully charged, the icon shows that is is only ALMOST fully charged... working on that after work today and will update the download later)

    here's the links (OTA)

    TABS Version: Tabs/Tray Version OTA

    TODAY Version: Today Version OTA
    If you find anything else broken or not working as it should, please let me know so I can try and fix it up. I've never made a theme before, so I don't expect this to be huge. Just thought it a fun project :P Plus Zelda is badass.

    Anyways, enjoy. I'll post here when I do updates.

    EDIT: Oh I almost forgot, here are some sweet Zelda sounds that I think go nicely with this theme for calls/messages/whathave you.

    Zelda Sounds!

    -updated the navi "new notification" icon to be more visible with a blue outline
    -fixed navigation in the TODAY version
    -fixed issue where full battery wouldn't display 3 full hearts (would show 2 and an ALMOST 3rd)
    -small edits to fonts and colo(u)rs (i'm canadian, some of you aren't. take or leave the "u")

    Let me know if you find anything else that needs fixing or adjusting. Thanks for your interest!
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    I wanna check this out,but wanted to see the screenshots first. Any chance? Thanks!!

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    03-28-11 10:09 AM
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    If you're viewing this from your Torch, you should really switch to the full site, it makes a world of difference and your Torch can definitely handle it

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    Lol Touch Kahne...I will try and do so!
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    Another update with small fixes to both versions - please re-download if you're using this theme to get all the updates.

    03-31-11 09:22 PM
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    the jad file is not working
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    06-12-11 01:32 PM
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    None of the links are working, can you please fix them?

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