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    - Hidden today
    - Trackpad support
    - Custom icons
    - Weather Slot (Device Application Order)


    07-16-11 06:35 PM
  2. arivera2's Avatar
    great job!
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    07-16-11 07:13 PM
  3. smfa1965's Avatar
    Heel Mooi. Bedankt!
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    07-16-11 09:39 PM
  4. dakid2k6's Avatar
    Great theme miss t0xic. Keep up your hard work and great themes.

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    07-16-11 10:39 PM
  5. illeszt401's Avatar
    great theme thank you
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    07-17-11 01:23 AM
  6. m.seif's Avatar
    The theme has a really nice look, smooth and fast, but I had the following issues:
    1- The highlighted bar in the spell check app, does not show, it seems it has the same color as the BG, see the photo.
    2- In an external app called picturdial, the details of the chosen contact is hard to see, also an issue of the BG and the highlight, see the second photo.
    3- When I receive an alert for a new email, and go into the messages app, it is not distinguished from the old emails, e.g they all have the same envelope shape.

    07-17-11 08:24 AM
  7. miss t0xic's Avatar
    hmm strange, i'll look into that and make a update
    07-17-11 08:33 AM
  8. curlefry's Avatar
    This theme is great, but I'm sorry, I refuse to use it if there is a weblink. Am I the only one who still suffers from the weblink bug? Every time I restart my phone all of my icons get rearranged and extra icons along with the IM and a Setup folder are added.

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    07-17-11 02:53 PM
  9. miss t0xic's Avatar
    I never put weblinks in my themes =)
    07-17-11 02:59 PM
  10. dakid2k6's Avatar
    Curle your the only one with that issue. First a battery pull, second, if it still shows after battery pull, look to make sure that is the only theme on your phone if not delete all others, and last if a link still shows you should try and reinstall your OS on the phone using DM. Hope those help.

    I know miss t0xic and she doesn't put links in any of her themes. So it might be an issue with your OS, which happens here and there.

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    07-17-11 03:11 PM
  11. curlefry's Avatar
    Apologies, t0xic. On the screenshot you've provided there's a screenshot so that threw me off and made my frustration from using Rapho's themes on the AppWorld return. dakid2k6, thank you for your support. I've decided that I will simply reload the OS. Thank you!
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    07-17-11 10:47 PM
  12. dakid2k6's Avatar
    No problem. Glad I was able to help. Also I do agree with you I don't like themes that always have links to the owners site. Its cool but would rather have them place it elsewhere then on the homescreen. Maybe a folder.

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    07-17-11 11:03 PM
  13. curlefry's Avatar
    Well I don't mind the links, I believe that themes where links are included are the ones where I have the problem where I restart and my icons are rearranged, there are new folders, and duplicate icons for media (Pictures, Ringtones, etc.).

    Well, I completely wiped my phone with BBSAK. Complete wipe. Updated with the latest OS pushed through DM, and before I even restored my data, I downloaded a theme with a link (Zetter), restarted my phone, and bam, still had the problem.
    07-18-11 09:40 AM
  14. dakid2k6's Avatar
    Take the theme away and try this theme. Maybe the culprit is the zetter theme.

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    07-18-11 09:38 PM
  15. curlefry's Avatar
    This theme works fine after reboot, but it's not relevant because there is no web link in this theme. I'm trying to say that the problem occurs when and only when there is a web link in the theme.
    07-19-11 01:34 PM
  16. dakid2k6's Avatar
    I got you know. Sorry being a bit slow in understanding. The problem lies in the theme maker themselves. They are the ones that do that.

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    07-19-11 03:30 PM
  17. miss t0xic's Avatar
    i had it too a couple of times when i put my own themes on it, idk what it is :/
    07-19-11 04:31 PM
  18. curlefry's Avatar
    Phew! Thank ya'll so much for understanding. I apologize sincerely for taking over your thread, t0xic. Your theme works perfectly and I love dark themes . I would love to use themes created by Raypho but they have the links. I read reviews in the AppWorld and MobiHand store, but I don't understand why no one else addresses the problem.

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    07-20-11 03:31 PM
  19. arjae_rj's Avatar
    Wow! this is really free? lol
    hard to believe, it's such a beautiful theme!
    Thank you, keep it up!!!!!!!!!
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    07-20-11 11:41 PM