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    One question please

    Does the calnder items om Home screen shows also the tasks ( if shown in the dafault calender of the BB) or only the events ?
    12-30-10 06:50 AM
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    Does the calnder items om Home screen shows also the tasks ( if shown in the dafault calender of the BB) or only the events ?
    No, only events are shown. One can create a theme that shows tasks - but as I do not like how the default BB calendar (and thus the homescree) handles tasks (particulalry dated ones) I opted to leave them out. But see this thread - which I recently updated to contain a link to a theme with tasks http://forums.crackberry.com/showthr...82#post5907782

    My workaround is to assign the today "view" within my preferred calendar/task app PocketInformant to the convenience key - with one click I can see my days appointments and to-dos. But yeah it would be nice to have on my homescreen

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    Just an update for those who were looking for hidden today screens, or the option to view messages, tasks, etc... As indicated in my original post I never intended to do any major tweaks, so you might want to look somewhat similar free themes which use the focus today area setup - which allows one to have a hidden today (if you are focused on an icon like weather, or contacts, etc) - as well as the option to view messages, or task lists etc (customizable based upon what apps you put in the first 4 slots and what specific app you are focused on).

    One can be found here: http://forums.crackberry.com/f220/n-574914/

    And another here: http://forums.crackberry.com/f220/to...equest-560830/

    Any theme (like those listed above) that uses the focus today area configuration, is also good for showing more info about your appointments. Unfortunately, one has very little control over how the Calendar info is summarized in the type of custom theme I designed - with a static calendar section - using the beta Themebuilder. Even after reducing font size or switching fonts, I could only ever get a max of 7 characters for the subject (or 6 plus 3 dots) and 9 characters for the location (or 7 plus 3 dots), and could never get the calendar listings left-justified. Worse, reducing font size doesn't even allow one to cram more entries into the space - weird, POS (piece of software). It appears that control is also limited with the today area configuration, but at least events can be left-justified, have more characters, and is scalable (ie smaller font = more entries.)
    01-19-11 05:58 PM
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    DESCRIPTION: I wanted a simple screen with the things in the title of this post for my 9800 Torch (likely will NOT work on other phones)
    a) black and white - so it can be viewed equally well outdoors or in darkened room
    b) 5 events - I want to see my upcoming appointments on the screen at all time
    c) 8 app dock - that's all I use (okay, 4 apps and 4 folders)
    d) no silly tabs - I hate how the stock OS screen required me to navigate around, expanding and closing tabs (or whatever they are called), accidentally swiping to the Favorites (which changes upon every reboot), etc.

    Click to view quoted image

    HOW TO INSTALL: Can only be downloaded directly over the air (OTA) to your phone. From your Torch's browser (will NOT work from a computer), simpy click on the OTA link below, and when prompted select download - after it downloads a screenshot will pop up asking if you want to activate the new theme, select Yes. To later switch themes goto Options/Display/Screen display and you can select or delete any installed themes. Most developers reccommend a battery pull - not sure if this is necessary... But it seems like the cure to all woes in the BB world is a battery pull.

    OTA link:


    FEATURES (not listed in description above):
    1. select profiles icon to change profile
    2. select time to access clock
    3. select signal icon to access manage connections - NOTE that I did not include the typical carrier info, which lists your mobile company and your wifi connection, but these can still be viewed clickly in manage connections screen
    4. select date to load BB lame calendar app
    5. select any event listed below date to view event info in BB lame calendar app
    6. select any app icon to launch that program
    7. first 8 apps or folders will appear on the homescreen in whatever order you have them in; these same 8 PLUS any additional ones can be accessed by pressing the BB menu button briefly (and the order can be reorganized on that page)
    7. can navigate screen and select most items using either touch-screen or trackpad - but see CAVEAT 1 below.
    8. notification icons (for new test, messages etc.) appear at right of date - but see CAVEAT 2 below

    1. I could not figure out how to access clock icon via trackpad, so it can only be done via the touchscreen (if anyone knows a workaround please tell me as I would love to fix it)
    2. Because I placed notification banner area to right of date it only has room for about 4 icons (which is fine for me cause I don't use social networking feeds, etc). Also, selecting the notification banner simply launches the calendar - rather than the stock OS screen list of notifications (fine by me as I rarely used that feature in stock OS screen because there was no easy way to clear items - other than opening relevant app.)
    3. Works in landscape mode, but like many themes out there has annoying white band to right, and when you rotate back to portrait it loads the apps page (rather than homescreen) and only loads three apps per screen width (need to press red end call button to get back to portrait homescreen). This is one of the many annoying problems with the beta Themebuilder.
    4. the BB icon (several dots) indicating that you are connected to BB internet service sometimes appears and sometimes does not - apparently another bug with ThemeBuilder - but you can always check it by selecting signal icon to access manage connections, and then select service status.

    I share this in the hopes it may be of use to others wanting a business-like theme - but I don't intend to tweak it much more. If it doesn't suit your fancy, there are plenty of other free and paid themes floating around. As nothing out there yet quite had what I wanted, I took a chance and played around with the beta ThemeBuilder. I encourage others to do the same - although be warned it is a real POS (er, piece of software).
    the link does not work anymore can u post another pls
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    yep me too,link is not working!

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    Chances are that a theme that was posted almost 2 years ago and that the link does not work means the developer has maybe left CB or removed it off his server.
    08-12-12 10:50 PM
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