1. miss t0xic's Avatar

    Sparkle VS 1.1

    - Wallpaper friendly
    - Custom battery and signal meters (BB Theme Lab)
    - Custom icons (BB Theme Lab)

    Sparkle Vs 1.1

    Sparkle VS 1.2

    - Customizable icons on Homescreen/Landscape (Device Application Order)

    Sparkle Vs 1.2
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    07-09-11 09:50 AM
  2. CyndaSue's Avatar
    I love this theme with the exception of two items: a weather slot is a must for me, and I was hoping the three icons on the front could be customizable, so then I could use one of those slots for my weather icon since there is no weather slot. Other than that, I love it! The colors in the message lists are great, and I actually like that the font is smaller than some that I've seen.
    Beautiful theme! Thank you for your work!!
    07-09-11 11:52 AM
  3. m.seif's Avatar
    Looks very nice and feminine. Good Job.
    07-09-11 12:27 PM
  4. miss t0xic's Avatar
    i'll make a update for that =)
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    07-09-11 12:46 PM
  5. kimbonini's Avatar
    Very pretty theme ! I love it!

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    07-09-11 02:21 PM
  6. sweetypie31's Avatar
    very nice. thanks for sharing
    07-10-11 12:55 AM
  7. ourfateends86's Avatar
    I LOVE this theme!! Thank you so much for sharing it
    07-10-11 03:14 AM
  8. CyndaSue's Avatar
    Just downloaded vs 1,2....IT'S SO COOL!!! Thanks for making the changes that i requested
    07-11-11 10:38 AM
  9. miss t0xic's Avatar
    You're welcome =)
    07-11-11 11:04 AM
  10. neicy17's Avatar
    Gorgeous theme! Thanks for sharing your awesome work

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    07-15-11 03:11 PM
  11. sunflwr50's Avatar
    Looks and runs great. Thanks so much!
    07-15-11 03:14 PM
  12. miss t0xic's Avatar
    If there are any issues, Let me know and ill make a update =)
    07-15-11 03:36 PM
  13. chinee_iz's Avatar
    how can i get the wallpaper shown in the first screenshot? i downloaded the 1.2 version but it has a different default wallpaper...the theme is veryyyyyyyyyyy nice!
    07-22-11 10:43 PM
  14. kimbonini's Avatar
    ^ I didn't even notice the two different wallpapers lol! Thanks for pointing that out! It would be great to have the other wallpaper also !

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    07-30-11 03:32 PM
  15. miss t0xic's Avatar

    Here you go ladies =) and sorry for the late response
    07-30-11 04:14 PM
  16. kimbonini's Avatar
    Thanks so much !

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    08-03-11 01:52 AM