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    Model: 98xx/97xx/96xx/95xx/9000/89xx
    OS: 6.0 and 5.0
    Author: mobiworld

    free ota
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    06-02-11 05:11 AM
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    Thank you for sharing, the theme is fast and the banner is nice, but 2 things:
    1- The LS mode is not working properly.
    2- The pad is difficult to move on the upper banner.

    Other than that , it is really a simple good theme
    06-02-11 09:06 AM
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    The link for this theme doesnt work...

    Any chance you can send me the OTA via email?

    gareththomaslennon at googlemail dot com

    Cheers x
    01-26-12 04:30 AM
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    Try this, worked for me. free blackberry themes 9500

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    01-26-12 04:19 PM
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    Thank islandfever2009

    @All OTA update
    02-13-12 12:12 AM
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    Thank islandfever2009

    @All OTA update
    No problem, thanks for the awesome themes.
    02-13-12 04:29 PM
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    nice theme
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    02-19-12 10:57 AM
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    nice theme
    thanks Shaun Zeeb
    02-28-12 07:15 AM