09-09-11 01:44 PM
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    I am impressed as a bonafide theme junkie who has tried and browsed a lot of themes, this theme is in a class all its own. The choices of color are so easy to look at, the graphics are well second to none. The icons are things of beauty. This is more than a theme it is a true work of art!!! I sure hope you have a website with more of your work(I shall google that as soon as I am done raving about this theme) I cant believe it is free!!! I have paid a lot more for far less. You have a dedicated follower from here onlet me know where I can donate to your effortsI feel like I stole this one. Sincere Thanx C
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    09-09-11 01:01 PM
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    I am glad you like it.

    I do not have a site with ALL the themes as of yet.

    I appreciate your kind words .
    09-09-11 01:44 PM
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