1. Pootermobile's Avatar

    Remember the days when you would save up your quarters for that special day you would go to the arcade? One of my favorite arcade games was, and still is, Metal Slug. Having a very unique art design throughout the game play I was inspired to make a theme that captured that uniqueness.

    • 1 customizable icon on homescreen portrait mode with text under icon
    • 4 customizable icons on homescreen landscape mode
    • Portrait mode wallpaper friendly, landscape mode NOT wallpaper friendly
    • Custom numerical battery and signal indicators on homescreen
    • No transitions

    Grab the theme at the Crackberry store HERE
    04-13-11 02:12 AM
  2. arjae_rj's Avatar
    wow! Thank you! So, kind of you to share a free them but with a lot of work put into it. Awesome!!!!
    04-13-11 04:07 AM
  3. Appz-'s Avatar
    Yeah! Back to the old days
    04-13-11 11:11 AM