07-15-12 05:53 PM
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  1. raxs1983's Avatar
    Wicked them mate !! You have the version to be used in 9700 Bold on OS6?
    07-28-11 09:37 AM
  2. plarge1's Avatar
    i like the theme but i can not install it on my phone (Blackberry 9800) how do you do it because when i open it up in the blackberry theme maker but does not like it.
    06-24-12 04:45 AM
  3. plarge1's Avatar
    hi I have downloaded you theme for my phone 9810 but i can not install it, and tried opening it in blackberry theme maker 6 but it does not recognise it. Please can you tell me how to install it on my phone.
    06-25-12 12:42 PM
  4. mrsworldwide's Avatar
    Awesome! Thanx!
    2609EB50 if you want- please no phsycol! Lol
    07-15-12 05:53 PM
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