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    "Lucky45's Classic" 2.0 which includes: Playbook OS2 icons, custom battery, wifi and signal meters + a few other tweeks.

    CLICK HERE for OTA download


    **If you like the theme make sure you hit the 'THANKS' & 'LIKE' button(s)**

    **DOUBLE WiFi BB dots are a known issue and will be fix in the next version**

    For updates and all the latest news on my themes follow me on Twitter!!

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    02-23-12 04:27 PM
  2. ewakil12's Avatar
    Please make one for the 9810 Thanks and awesome work!!
    02-23-12 04:42 PM
  3. joeldf's Avatar
    Thanks. I was hoping one would be made the 9800. And here it is.

    Beautiful work.
    02-24-12 10:09 AM
  4. xfahrulx's Avatar
    Great themes..nice work..
    Can you make a small banner version,please?
    02-24-12 01:36 PM
  5. Lucky45's Avatar
    Please make one for the 9810 Thanks and awesome work!!
    Stay tuned - it's coming soon
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    02-24-12 08:52 PM
  6. kinderenh's Avatar
    Nice theme!
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    02-25-12 09:19 AM
  7. sushistew's Avatar
    now i need a bluZee theme for my torch eh, lol thanks for this awesome theme
    02-26-12 07:48 PM
  8. joeldf's Avatar
    Is it possible to post the background?

    I'd like to use it with Berry Weather which needs an actual external file to do its wallpaper thing on.
    02-27-12 01:04 AM
  9. kinderenh's Avatar
    I had some difficulties installing the theme over the air, as our BES has blocked all access to dropbox, but I managed to work around that. Now with a nice wallpaper, this theme looks absolutely stunning!
    02-28-12 12:53 AM
  10. joeldf's Avatar
    I noticed that there is a missing notification icon. It seems that everyone misses this one. It's the "wifi hot spot available" icon for the notification bar.

    When you come within range of a wifi hot spot that requires you to accept terms (like the ones at McDonald's), you get a wifi icon and number in the notification area. It's a slightly smaller wifi icon than the normal icon in the network area - at least it is in the default theme (which, so far, is the only place I've seen the icon since every other theme I've tried misses it). Without the icon, you only get the number with no indication of what it is for.

    Just passing this on.
    02-28-12 10:10 AM
  11. manuelino's Avatar
    Background!..please... Fantastic theme! Tks!
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    02-29-12 12:29 PM
  12. gtamhankar's Avatar
    Looks great! Thanks for this awesome theme...

    Now my PB and 9800 look the same!
    03-05-12 08:01 AM
  13. Lucky45's Avatar
    ** theme has been updated to version 2.3**

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    03-11-12 10:03 PM
  14. manuelino's Avatar
    ** theme has been updated to version 2.3**

    Could you post the wallpaper?
    03-13-12 11:52 AM
  15. Lucky45's Avatar
    Could you post the wallpaper?
    I posted it for you on the other thread the other day...
    03-13-12 12:03 PM
  16. manuelino's Avatar
    I posted it for you on the other thread the other day...
    Wich other thread?
    Edit: found!!!
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    03-13-12 12:08 PM
  17. Lucky45's Avatar
    Wich other thread?
    Edit: found!!!
    The other thread about this theme you asked for the wallpaper on
    03-13-12 12:12 PM
  18. paso971's Avatar
    I LOVE this theme.
    I've been looking for a theme like this for weeks
    (9810's users here I come!!!)

    EDIT: Is there a way to have a smaller font?
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    03-13-12 03:06 PM
  19. trinichindian's Avatar
    Fabulous...just Fabulous

    Great job and many Thanks
    03-26-12 04:45 PM
  20. torches's Avatar
    First of all, thanks for this brilliant theme! I might just being stupid though, but how do I download the updated 2.3 version? I did the OTA download from the first post but it seems to have downloaded 2.0. Also, does 2.3 contain an updated "Messages" icon? As mine seems to be slightly different from the one pictured above.

    All in all, great theme and thanks for the hard work
    03-27-12 08:40 PM
  21. madpayne's Avatar
    thanks for sharing i'll add to my collections.
    04-19-12 08:18 AM