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    Goodnight Crackberry's friends
    I am here today to introduce a new remake, in my opinion very successful (and the theme I'm using now on my new pure white Torch!). The CyB theme, a particular theme with a futuristic flavor, with 2 blocks of icons activated by press buttons at the bottom (left to make them appear to the right to close).
    On homescreen are the "usual" four functions (manage connections, clock, calendar and menu options).
    The landscape visualization is enabled and is customized as you can see in preview picture, but in this case the icons are fixed on the screen. I hope you like it, notify me as usual any problems or anomalies

    • CyB theme with futuristic interface
    • Hidden dock with 8 icons, activated by buttons on bottom side
    • 3 icons on top area : Manage connections, Clock & Calendar, and 1 on bottom (options menu)
    • Customized battery and signal meter
    • Customized digital clock
    • Customized banner, menu and list cursors
    • Landscape homescreen enabled
    • Wallpaper friendly


    OS 6 - Torch 9800
    OS 6 - Bold 9700, 9780, 9650 go HERE

    Download TORCH version via OTA link and QR Code:

    OTA & QR Code Here
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    Great looking theme.

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    05-15-11 07:26 PM
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    Awesome theme...very creative....wish someone would make a free nice pink theme.thank you for your hard work..

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    05-15-11 08:33 PM
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    Hello friend thank you very much for this amazing theme was amazing if you could add more icons to the home screen would be better 16 or 20 icons I love the themes that have functionality on the home screen and my second request would be that if you could put the 7 icons I would be fantastic ........ Greetings
    05-15-11 11:19 PM
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    it's cool!!!!!!!!!! I lov ethe color blue! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    05-15-11 11:38 PM
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    Thank you.
    05-15-11 11:54 PM