1. sadosdesigns's Avatar
    Here is another theme that was done just for the fun of it and also cause i am a comics fan.... i will not take any requests for it for it is a free theme and gonna move on to another project most likely.... also adding a few wallpapers, so enjoy..

    OTA Download
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    01-25-11 05:34 PM
  2. IchigoMochi's Avatar
    I have to admit that I'm not much of a comics fan, but this is one seriously epic looking theme.
    01-25-11 06:13 PM
  3. Pootermobile's Avatar
    Daaaaaaaamn! This is so sick!
    01-25-11 06:19 PM
  4. KahneFan's Avatar
    I'd probably DL Spiderman or Batman just to make my son smile. Don't know much about deadpool, but this one rocks anyway. Great job!
    01-25-11 06:24 PM
  5. hgreen_91's Avatar
    Holy crap this is awesome o__o
    01-25-11 07:48 PM
  6. kidmac13's Avatar
    Yeah. That's ill right there.
    01-25-11 09:56 PM
  7. neicy17's Avatar
    Ditto Pooter, this is sick! I love it! So not into comics, but so love what you have done with this theme!!! Thanks forsharing, this is awesome ;o)

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    01-26-11 12:58 AM
  8. sadosdesigns's Avatar
    thnks alot... i try to keep the free themes simple but not plain picture and color change..
    01-26-11 02:42 AM
  9. AXWLC's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for such a nice theme.. Will try it out...
    01-26-11 02:54 AM
  10. m.seif's Avatar
    Looks very smart, but I do not like the wall papers ?

    Would it work on other wall papers ?

    Thank you.
    01-26-11 04:08 AM
  11. sadosdesigns's Avatar
    yah it works with other wallpapers... i think these r pretty nice wallpapers...
    01-28-11 07:35 PM
  12. BIGD69's Avatar
    Don't have a 9800....Just thought I'd add a wall.
    01-28-11 08:02 PM
  13. Mr.Peco's Avatar
    Hey I was wondering if you were gonna still port the pokedex theme for the torch

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    01-28-11 08:42 PM
  14. blockz's Avatar
    this is exactly what I have wanted for my torch for a really long time.. This is greatly appreciated.
    01-29-11 11:45 AM
  15. sadosdesigns's Avatar
    No problem. Tried what. Could.

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    01-29-11 08:07 PM
  16. sadosdesigns's Avatar
    No problem. Tried what I could.

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    01-29-11 08:08 PM
  17. SpReEfOrAlL's Avatar
    Wow this theme is incredible. I love it.
    02-01-11 04:19 PM