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    hey everybody,

    this might have been asked already since in the overseas areas the torch became available last september, but here in europa it more or less just hit the stores;

    I have purchased one and I like it very much but I would like to have the same kinda theme as on my BB 8310; it was called "BB Dimension Today".

    The phone is branded by tmobile, and altough I already have tried the hack with mentioned here (http://forums.crackberry.com/f16/how...r-themes-1595/) I still can't select any other than the "standard"; can anyone help me please?


    01-23-11 01:45 PM
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    Someone else may know more, but I don't think there are "vendor themes" anymore in OS 6. At least not like you had in OS 4.5 that was on your old Curve.

    And you definitely don't have the different styles of the base theme anymore such as Dimension Zen, Dimension Today.... Instead, they've combined some of those features. Tap (or click on) the notification area and you get a drop-down "today-like" list. The only thing that may be different vendor to vendor is the default wallpaper. Those of us on AT&T get that blue wavy background with their death star logo.

    If you want a different look altogether, then you should take a look in the themes area of this forum. Although, at the moment, there are minor bugs in all of them because of a bug in the theme builder that everyone has to use.

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