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    Just a quick question. I am tired of Error 9300 paypal payment complication with Crackberry and need to install a theme that is not free. The question are:-

    1. Can it be done through Desktop Manager instead of OTA?
    2. Can someone point me to the right direction of where the FAQ located?
    3. Purchase through the net is no problem, I just used paypal to purchase Megaupload acc previously.

    Remarks:- Already has an ID to download free app & theme no problem.

    Thank you and best regards;

    Very very sorry to you guys if this is a repeated question. Seriously.
    04-07-11 10:45 PM
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    if you can download the OTA file to the desktop, transfer that to the SD card and install from there. you would need the alx and cod files to load from desktop manager.
    04-08-11 07:18 AM
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    Unfortunately I can't download as the link to download OTA need a payment to complete first which I haven't manage.

    Anyway, thanks but I think may be I've been made to use free download, let forget purchased one as I guess it is complicated. Thanks anyway.
    04-08-11 10:34 AM
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    there is an app for desktop that you can use to download the ota, it will save all the .cod and the .jad file in a folder. save this folder on sd card, use a file explorer on bb and open the .jad in the theme folder you transfered from pc to bb. when you select the .jad you will be prompted to download the theme, so say yes. app is called OTALoader. click here for download

    this is how i saved all my themes on my 8320 curve, then i don't take up too much memory with all the sweet themes out there.
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    04-08-11 09:42 PM
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    Sorry, out of the topic, what does below message means?

    You haven't set up any Preapproved Payments yet. They're an easier and more secure way to send money or automate payments.To get started, go to our client's website that offers PayPal Preapproved Payments.

    Let say I'd like to setting up with RIM Blackberry Apps, where should I aim it?

    Thanks again for all contributors; regards;
    04-09-11 03:53 AM