1. cyy5998's Avatar
    I am new on here and new with the BB Torch.. I went from my iphone to the torch and was wondering if I can do fun things with the torch.
    I am wanting a theme I saw online but the theme is for iphones and I wanted one that's just like it for the Torch. If anyone that is great at making themes PLEASE help me out!
    on the first 2 pics I would like a theme where it will tell me the weather and show me the weather on the wallpaper if it's possible.
    Attachment 76083Attachment 76084
    and the last pic if it's possible make the home screen or maybe the lockscreen just like the 3rd pic where it just shows the time and the date in big fonts but also be able to change the background to whatever I want.
    Attachment 76088
    If anyone can help Please help! and thank you!
    11-08-10 09:53 PM
  2. dominicnoon's Avatar
    Do you want it with reduced signal also?

    lol...sorry...couldn't resist.

    11-09-10 06:42 AM