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    I know, that the icon bar slides a bit... (read my commend and notice that I have had download this theme) But this is sick... Either I install a sliding dock /with few more icons) or I reduce the number of Icons fit it perfect. To slide it up and down to see a full icon on both end seems awkward to me!

    It ssems also, that my precision of words in YOUR language is predominant (although Im german!). I NEVER incriminate somebody of LYING!!!! Learn your own language and READ (in the sense of excogitating it) my commends!

    Im tired to discuss with people who are so eeeasy to fiddle...

    And this story ends now! Peace!!!!!
    03-11-11 06:02 AM
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    OK so on with this thread.

    (To sum up the first two pages, everyone who posted here seems to like BBT themes except for the German dude who has a problem with his mother's tongue! )
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    So to get this thread back on "track", here's a few screenshots of BBT's TINT theme and wallpaper:

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