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    My Blackberry Torch was factory unlocked and packed for Vodafone. It had a default vodaphone theme in it. I installed some more themes from app world but the issue is that as i load a new theme, the Charging Bolt Symbol for charging the phone dissapears, and i don't come to know if the phone is charging or not but it actually is charging. When i change my theme to the default vodaphone theme, the symbol appears again while charging.

    Can you please help me if i can have the charging symbol with all the themes i have installed.

    Thanks in Advance.


    06-02-11 05:25 AM
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    Have you done a battery pull since installing the theme? If not, do so. If you have, then it may be an issue with that one theme. Contact the theme builder's customer support.

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    06-02-11 06:30 AM
  3. vikasmehta27's Avatar
    Yes i did the battery pull but results are the same. and its not with one but all the themes apart the default one...i have loaded 7 free themes from App world and all are behaving hte same way. does that have something to do with the phone...other wise the phone is working perfectly..
    06-02-11 01:38 PM