1. MikeRotch76's Avatar
    I actually love the stock OS6/9800 theme. But all I want is when I touch the notification area, to see my next 7-10 calendar events (or a user customizeable number) and below that all of my unread email msgs from all of my mailboxes (however many can fit after showing the calendar events.

    Can someone do this for me? There will be a donation for you!

    I know there are various other themes that sort of have this functionality. But I use BeWeather wallpaper and those other themes don't work with them.

    I've also trialed deToday deToday - The Revolutionary Today Screen App - Utilities BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Apps Store

    but I can't hide the Today, and it doesn't show my unread email, also, it REALLY bugs me how there is 1-2 sec lag updating/resizing the background when I change from portrait to landscape.

    So can anyone help me out?
    10-03-10 10:08 AM
  2. D Mac's Avatar
    Sorry no that is not poossible. Only the original Torch OS allowed more than 3 appts in the notification area.

    Hopefully they will bring back that functionality but for not its not going to happen.

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    10-03-10 10:03 PM