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    Unfortunately I can not seem to get TB to work on my computer for some reason. So, would someone be interested in helping to build a theme for me? The sample images are below. Actual theme colors would be up to the author, I just used ATT colors for the sample. In image 1 I have a scaled down version of a basic theme with 5 large (icon or text) app buttons on the bottom with a nice large clock in the middle. The 2nd image would be if the author could create some nice large docks for 8 additional apps (return button or end to clear). Last, if the first two options are achievable, it would be great if the bottom dock could have the option to be hidden somehow. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of $$ to donate to this (maybe $10 if it helps). However, I would allow the author to have full rights to the theme (no credit to me needed anywhere) and they could charge for it to make up for the lack of $$ on the front end.

    The inspiration for this theme is - I have fat fingers and trying to navigate some of these other themes can be tough. So, I thought it would be nice to have a theme which had nice easy buttons to press.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Theme with just easy to touch buttons on the bottom

    Theme with menu buttons which would bring up 8 more apps (4/4).

    Any colors/variation of this theme would be great.
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