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    I have some issues with my BlackBerry Torch 9800 OS6 ,latest Software Update, syncing with my Desktop PC(Windows 7).
    The strange thing is that before I synced yesterday all was in perfect order, but after that all my directories on the SD and the Device vanished and got replaced by links that look something like this H:\84612796\BlackBerry.exe.
    These Directories are not visible even when i turn on that i want to see hidden objects. I have also access to my documents that i had on the Device before the syncing but only with the Desktop Software not with the Phone itself.
    I have tried to reset my Device and also reinstalled the Desktop Software but after the syncing i had the same problem again.

    I hope someone knows similar issues because i don't have any clue what i can do to stop this.
    I tried to sync also my Blackberry Playbook and that worked effortless.

    02-27-13 06:51 PM

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