1. Devil's Avatar
    First off, I see this error happens usually on Curves. I don't know why it's happening on my Torch 9800.

    I hate creating new threads for already discussed topics. But this one I shall never quit on unless someone has a fix.

    Until recently, I was able to watch movies and play music quite well. I downloaded some special videos off a website which downloaded as .flv. I used a converter and converted these flv files to mp4 and copied them to my Torch.
    I was able to watch them with ease.

    4-5 days ago, these videos wouldn't play. You could hear the audio, but no video. And in place of the video, you got that get the following error:
    The video portion of the media being played uses an unsupported format
    I downloaded some movies by Torrent and just converted them to MP4 format (do NOT use the H264 encoder) and put them on the Torch. Let's see what happens.

    I haven't been able to fix it because nowhere on the Internet or these forums do I see a fix. The "fix" I've seen mentioned on a kb article (pausing the video, pressing menu once, then pressing menu once more) on blackberry.com is for the old Curve but I tried it and it didn't work.

    I need solutions people. This is getting annoying. Transferring 2 hours of movies onto my phone to watch, getting in a car for a long drive and not being able to play it is crazy.

    Somebody, PLEASE have a solution.
    09-08-11 06:39 AM
  2. moingshaikh's Avatar
    Same issue with my BB Curve 8520. Any solution?
    09-23-14 08:06 AM