1. romjae's Avatar
    Okay, I don't know what the deal is with my phone making apps disappear, but I had to update my blackberry ID today and after the restart, my universal inbox is missing now. Can't find a way to bring it back at all. Any suggestions?

    I'm starting to feel like an ***** having to post on here every month or so complaining about something going missing on my Torch..

    Thank you for any and all suggestions.
    03-04-13 12:59 AM
  2. Alicia Erlich's Avatar
    HI romjae. It's possible the icon is hidden. From the homescreen click on the menu button and select show all icons and see if the "Messages" mailbox is there. Then all you have to do is highlight the icon, press menu and select "Unhide icon." Once that is done you can choose to hide the remainder of the hidden icons again from the menu. Hope this answers your question and I'm sorry you're having issues with your Torch.
    03-08-13 01:00 PM

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