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    Since the BBC introduced their new fancy iplayer radio aimed at iphone users back in October and hived off content to that that I used to listen to regularly, I've been totally unable to access my favourite speech radio programmes via my trusty Torch as I used to do. The Torch's browser just doesn't seem to be able to run the programmes which is really bugging me as everything was working just fine before under the old system. True, I can still access a limited range of speech radio programmes via the "old" BBC iplayer Blackberry app, but alas all my absolute favourite ones are now no longer available here. I've tried using an alternative browser - Opera Mini - but to no avail and I've now run out of ideas. If anybody has had the same experience and can suggest a good workaround, I would be really grateful, thank you. Oh and if someone could explain to me in fairly simple terms why the old format worked fine, but the new one doesn't work at all that would also be most helpful!! Thanks in advance for any suggestions...
    12-15-12 02:26 PM
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    I live in Spain and am therefore unable in any case to access BBC radio programmes via iPlayer Radio, whether the new or the old version. I work around this by using TuneIn Radio which you can download for free from Blackberry's App World. It works very well when one is on a wi-fi network at least, but I have never tried to use it via the cellphone network. You can stream all BBC radio programmes live, and you can also use TuneIn Radio to stream (BBC and other) podcasts. I do see though that if you are in the UK, you may have other better options with some version of iPlayer Radio that those of us who live abroad do not. Others will have to advise you about them.
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    12-15-12 02:42 PM

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