1. AWB70's Avatar
    I got a new Z10 last week and while swapping sims over from my 9800 managed to break the contacts on the sim card reader in the 9800! Very embarrassing don't really want to talk about it apparently it's a common issue the person at the repair shop said when swapping from normal to micro sim. Anyway I digress, so a friend of mine had another 9800 so I swapped it for an old Samsung I had just to use for now. Had it just over a week, the touchpad would go off intermittent usually after re-boots or unplugging the charger then come back after a min. Now it won't work at all. I did hardware tests and sometimes it registers a push button click but no up/down left/right movements.

    I use two phones by the way the Z10, I don't take to work or anywhere it might be lost, broke or stolen. The original 9800 is going away to have a sim card holder fitted on Monday 62 picked up and then delivered and the spare 9800 will cost 40 to have a track pad fitted. Should be more but if I send both phones together I save delivery. Just wondering if there is anyway of checking if the track pad is definitely goosed hardware or they may be something to try like wiping and re-installing the OS before I send it off?
    02-21-13 08:31 AM
  2. akavbb's Avatar
    nothing to lose. just try the bbsak wipe and a clean installation of a newer os than the one currently installed.
    02-21-13 10:00 AM
  3. AWB70's Avatar
    Thanks I will give it a try, like you say nothing to lose. Out of curiosity the phone must have been originally on the Orange network and unlocked. The person I got it off was using it on o2 and I am myself on o2. I only know this by the splash screen on boot up. When I got the phone the previous user was on V6 2554 and I updated via wireless to V6 2949. I'm guessing the previous owner never updated since they never had a data plan. Would the fact the phone was on two different carriers make a difference? The phone did have the slow to start touchpad issue when I got it but for nothing I wasn't over worried. Only came about after installing whatsapp which I have since uninstalled just in case.
    You are not going to believe this! While I was scrolling through the options to see which OS was currently installed it has just started working again!!! It hasn't been working for two days. What do you reckon to that? Could it be some other software issue?
    02-21-13 10:44 AM

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