1. jstenger's Avatar
    Hello, sorry i know there are many threads about the torch not turning on, however all of them at least have the LED flashing from all the threads i have found searching.
    I am looking for some help/advice diagnostics. I have read and watched many posts and videos, but since i dont know what happened to my blackberry im not sure which to try.

    I went to bed and it was fine, my gf brought it to me the following morning and it was dead. I pulled the back panel and the water sensor is slightly pink at the edge. It has a new ding on the front bezel.
    I have pulled the battery, no good.
    I have plugged it into the charger, no good. pulled battery and tried charger, no good. left the battery out and linked it to my computer. No led and no recognition, no good.

    I work on computers and have the torx equip to disassemble my phone but since i dont know alot about BBs im not sure what im looking for inside. I dont have another BB to plug componenets into like i would with a PC. Any help would be appreciated.
    01-03-12 12:27 AM
  2. 9800wayne's Avatar
    I wouldn't recommend you "working" on the phone unless you know what you're doing. You don't know anyone else with a torch? U could probably try their battery. If you try and it still doesnt come up, then I suggest you carry the 9800 to a reputable repair centre.
    01-03-12 10:05 AM
  3. jstenger's Avatar
    Well, i took it apart. I know you recommended that i not. It is now fully functional again. I disassembled the phone, cleaned all boards and contacts with pure alcohol and dried the parts individually. Reassembled and have only one issue. My keyboard no longer lights all keys. Not bad for a first time repair job on my phone.
    Any thoughts on what i may have mistakenly done to have limited back lighting of keys?

    thanks again,
    01-11-12 09:33 PM