08-26-14 12:34 AM
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  1. akavbb's Avatar
    i would love to know about the vendor.xml file as well. I wonder if removing it will allow to run a version of the OS that is not approved by your particular carrier.
    I always remove it before installing (from all the locations stored in my Computer) and always have the OS up and running for me.
    Currently, I am using the latest OS for 9800 (.749), which I think is from T-Mobile Austria and it works just fine for me in Vodafone.
    01-11-13 04:24 AM
  2. Bradzz's Avatar
    Thanks Pete,
    I guess this BBSAK wont help my problem.
    01-11-13 05:27 AM
  3. kmart212's Avatar
    hello , please i need help ,after trying all....bbsak and all. blackberry 9860 wont load even after wiping and reloading OS, its just gets stuck on the blackberry loading screen, deleted vendor file, ive done all thats in the book, dont know what im missing.Spent days trying to fix this, please help.
    05-22-13 02:06 PM
  4. Jesse-Cain Simms's Avatar
    Last night i was using my BB Torch 9800 to realise my messages would not send on BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) so i thought I'd do what I usually do on my Blackberry which is restart it by taking out the battery and now the loading bar gets stuck on like 75% and stops any ideas on what I can do? Help as soon as possible would be much appreciated
    11-07-13 06:38 AM
  5. Andre Al Roueiheb's Avatar
    hi ,i am having the same proble ,i am trying your way pressing the escape bar then just before it completly loads it dies off and restart again
    should i keep trying it ,thanks
    11-20-13 09:29 AM
  6. Shanice Gonzales's Avatar
    My blackberry torch 9860 kept showing a message stating that the media storage was not accessible due to some detected errors so i decided to do a security wipe. while the security wipe was processing my phone screen suddenly turned white. I found that the white screen was not moving so i decided to remove my battery. Upon removing my battery and placing it back in the phone will load to probably half way and then the screen will turn white. it won't fully start. I need help
    12-08-13 06:20 AM
  7. jason bullough's Avatar
    I have just had this exact problem and lots of googling searching brought me to this unresolved post which i thought should get some closure.

    I had this issue, and no amount of OS repair, factory resetting, wiping, using JL_Commander, BBSAK or BBDM features would recover my Torch 9860 until I came across this thread;

    NUKE, WIPE, NAL and OS all in one script - GSM-Forum

    I believe the difference with this all in one script is the small exe that actually formats the device sector by sector - it even wipes any stored pins from the device - thoroughly cleaning the ram out rather than just deleting apps and re-stamping the OS.

    I used options 2,3,4 and 6 as I could not lcoate the nal.exe file for the 9860, and after using this program, I then re-installed my OS to the phone using the loader.exe, but I am sure at this point, the BBDM repair options would have worked aswell. You probably only need options 2,3 and 4 really as the OS load can be done with loader.exe or BBDM

    After a succesful rebuild, the phone takes a long time to boot (about 10 minutes - no joke) but it does eventually boot (you do see the white bar move V E R Y S L O W L Y after where it normally gets stuck)

    Hope it helps some others out with the same issue.

    01-08-14 03:09 AM
  8. Dr_Hassan's Avatar
    I have same issue with my TORCH screen touch. Which is the ESKAPE key
    Dr Hassan
    01-19-14 11:41 AM
  9. Abisy's Avatar
    Where can I find the escape key for my torch
    08-26-14 12:34 AM
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