1. sankisky's Avatar
    Well my BB torch does not respond to touch when its slid up it worksperfectly well when down but occasionally it just totaly freezes. Tried upgrading and downgrading the software but still the problem persists when slid up the trackpad also dosent work. Could this Be a hardware problem? And if so... What part needs replacing? Any help will be appreciated.
    09-18-12 06:13 PM
  2. hasa77's Avatar
    It sounds like u just need a new main slider flex. I'm 100% sure
    09-19-12 04:00 AM
  3. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques's Avatar
    Torch 9800 - torch 9800 touchscreen glitch when slid up and down. the keybored stay lite when slid up but the screen doesnt come on it stays black. there is time where i'd haveto take out the battery for about a few minutes and the display comes back. and when i sild it down i whie the screen is open it glitches.
    01-07-13 02:38 PM