10-31-14 11:03 PM
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  1. rolf1971's Avatar
    Ok I've been trying to set up my unlocked Torch 9800 on T-mobile. I tried to find the UMA Certificates for t-mobile. I used the walk through posted here in the forums, but the link to get the 2 certificates is dead. Does anyone out there have them saved and might be willing to send them to me? I would be very appreciative.

    04-22-12 01:14 PM
  2. saudadeii's Avatar
    04-22-12 02:08 PM
  3. rolf1971's Avatar
    Thank you so much. Up and running on T-Mobile UMA....
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    04-22-12 02:35 PM
  4. Taka313's Avatar
    Tried both links and neither one works
    04-26-12 10:53 PM
  5. saudadeii's Avatar
    tried both links and they worked for me
    04-26-12 11:30 PM
  6. rolf1971's Avatar
    Tried both links and neither one works
    They both worked for me. If you can't get them to work send me a private message with your email address and I can email them to you.
    04-27-12 06:55 AM
  7. theraver's Avatar
    They both worked for me. If you can't get them to work send me a private message with your email address and I can email them to you.
    I can't get these links to work for T-Mobile UMA...please send these links to me at:
    theraver@comcast.net thanks so much!
    09-29-12 01:08 PM
  8. saudadeii's Avatar
    Both links are still valid. What's the problem?
    09-29-12 02:12 PM
  9. Valdar729's Avatar
    I can't access these certificates either. Does anyone have a place where they can be downloaded?
    10-10-12 09:26 PM
  10. apples7234's Avatar
    Please update a link or email a certificate or how can i get them off my old blackberry there is a way to email them but i dont have a data plan email them to apples723@outlook.com
    10-11-12 10:31 AM
  11. squeakz's Avatar
    I have a copy of the certificates, just send me a message if you want them.
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    10-27-12 02:03 AM
  12. theraver's Avatar
    hobermat...I sent you a message to please send me the certs...just so I have them. But I wanted to share something I figured out some time ago on this subject. If you have a branded T-Mobile Blackberry you can send the certs via pin (peer to peer) to the other phone. There are a total of 4 so just send them all. Go to the certs list highlight them all, click the Blackberry button and send them via pin to the new phone. It also has an option to send them via email, but that doesn't seem to work. It takes some time as you have to 1st put your sim card in the sending phone, send the certs, then put it in your receiving phone. Once you receive them (they show up in email) you then open them one at a time, click retrieve cert, then trust, and your cookin'! Hope this is helpful to others out there who want to do this. thanks, the raver
    10-27-12 03:44 PM
  13. squeakz's Avatar
    theraver sent you information.
    10-29-12 11:55 AM
  14. KrazyKoala's Avatar
    Can someone please send these to me as well as the links are 404'd. akitashen@gmail.com. Thanks.
    10-30-12 04:50 PM
  15. apples7234's Avatar
    if u have a old tmobile phone u can get them from destop manager just google "Certificate Managent blackberry destop manager
    11-07-12 04:43 PM
  16. surfmail_9800's Avatar
    Hello: Just switch to Tmoble with my unlocked ATT 9800 and can not find a valid link to the UMA certificates for WiFi calling.
    Can anyone help me?
    Post a link or email they to terrys_blackbery@comcast.net
    11-08-12 01:09 PM
  17. surfmail_9800's Avatar
    I am new in this forum and very surprised that I have not had one reply in my post to find the UMA for a 9800.
    Is this phone really that obsolete? I have only had it a year just paid dearly to get out of ATT and now can not use my phone at home due to no signal on T-mobile. I will have to buy a new phone Monday if I can not get this solved this weekend. Any help would be appreciated.
    God Bless & Keep Smiling
    11-10-12 09:34 AM
  18. squeakz's Avatar
    surfmail_9800 I had sent you a message about the certificates.
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    11-10-12 09:49 AM
  19. surfmail_9800's Avatar
    squekz thank-you I will check it out.
    11-12-12 10:28 PM
  20. surfmail_9800's Avatar
    surfmail_9800 I had sent you a message about the certificates.
    Got it working thanks for your help
    God Bless & Keep Smiling :-)
    11-18-12 11:18 PM
  21. sesarjbs's Avatar
    Can someone please send them to me at jsesar@hotmail.com I am trying to get my unlocked AT&T 9900 to make wifi calls.

    11-30-12 03:11 AM
  22. cabalist's Avatar
    Folks, the links out there do not work. I have googled and googled and cannot find them. Can someone either post a good link or upload to dropbox/rapidshare/some-other-cloud-service? That would be awesome. Thanks!
    12-01-12 12:59 PM
  23. PJB Investments's Avatar
    Here is a link that should work. I just unzipped to my pc and put on my phone.

    t-mobile usa uma certificates.zip - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download
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    12-02-12 01:06 AM
  24. cabalist's Avatar
    That link (and the certificates on the other end) work great! Thanks PJB! I downloaded the certs to my mac and sent them to my gmail account. I downloaded them from my gmail account via the bb web browser. After a reboot the bb was able to find them. All is well, thus far!
    12-03-12 02:15 PM
  25. rat021580's Avatar
    Please send the T Mobile UMA Certificates to michelle.tommey@regus.com Thank you!!!
    12-20-12 04:52 PM
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