1. stuart765's Avatar
    I currently use a Blackberry Torch 9850 for work and use Outlook for email, calendar, etc. All syncing for my work Blackberry is done via wireless.
    I also have a personal Blackberry Torch 9800 that I am using again. My work/personal contacts and calendar are on Outlook and I want to have the identical information on my personal Blackberry. I only use my work Blackberry for work and do not want to use it for my personal calls, etc.

    Any suggestions on how to do this? Do I need to load Blackberry Desktop on my work laptop and then have Desktop "recognize" my personal Blackberry? Should I use a wired connection for my personal Blackberry or can I also use the wireless connection?

    Thanks and Happy Holidays.

    12-25-12 10:49 AM
  2. ppeters914's Avatar
    You may only be syncing your 9850 wirelessly, but IIRC, you need to be hard-wired for initial setup, backups, etc.

    Is Outlook only on your work computer? Are you allowed to sync a personal device to your work system? You may not be able to sync wirelessly as your personal device cannot connect/be recognized by your work network. Many IT departments don't allow that.

    I'd install the BB Desktop on your work computer to sync your personal 9800. Ensure the data transfer is one-way from computer to 9800.

    I don't know if the BB Desktop can handle two different devices. Experts?
    12-25-12 09:14 PM
  3. mas999's Avatar
    my wife and myself share calendars and contacts on two 9800's synced via blackberry desktop onto outlook with no problems, if you were doing this via your work pc I would set it to update only from pc to phone on your personal device
    12-27-12 07:17 AM

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