1. viki2000's Avatar
    I just bought second hand BB 9800 almost new. I bought it on ebay, cheap.
    The mobile is in Germany, T-Mobile DE.
    Was sold with SIM unlocked. Indeed I have a different SIM, not from T-Mobile,, and it is working to place and receive calls.

    Then I started to learn the phone and check the applications. I connected the mobile at internet using my local WiFi and the browser works.
    Unpleasant surprise:
    1) BB Maps are installed but I cannot find the icon to start them
    2) I installed Google Maps but they are not working.
    3) At Email, I cannot setup an Internet one because the icon is not there. I can see only the Enterprise icon.
    4) The same blockage is with Facebook.

    Maybe are more locked functions, but this is what I saw so far.

    The questions are:
    - What is happening or what can I do to find what is happening?
    - Was this BB 9800 unlocked only partially? Only for SIM with those MPE and PRD codes from internet?
    - Then, are additional unlocking features for the functions that I miss? If yes, then what programs, how do I check what is blocked and what tools do I need to unlock?

    Thank you in advance for feedback.
    07-24-14 02:41 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    Do you have BIS plan with your phone company or is it a regular internet plan?
    07-24-14 09:24 AM
  3. a-ricky's Avatar
    Hi All:

    Even I do have a similar problem with my BB 9800. The handset is almost new and in perfect condition. I got this phone from my brother. He was using this in London indeed.
    I am using this with a different SIM altogether; however there are so many features and functionalities which aren’t working. What works is only messaging & receives calls.
    It’s sad and disappointing.
    When I connect the mobile to my local Wi-Fi, the browser & the YouTube feature does work however the BB World disconnects within 5 to 10 minutes. VIBER does not work. Whatsup app stops in 2 to 3 minutes. I am not able to use the BBM as well. I can’t setup my emails. It takes me to the “Enterprise Activation” screen.
    Please do let me know how do I make all these things work. In this forum there are two folks facing the same issue. I see many folks answering/replying and helping others on this website. Please help us. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Regard s!!!
    07-27-14 11:39 PM
  4. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    As the other person right above you mentioned to the previous OP, do you have an ACTIVE BIS plan on this SIM card?
    07-28-14 07:46 AM
  5. viki2000's Avatar
    No, I do not have.
    I just started to read about BES and BIS, how to switch from one to another...deleting the service book and remake the enterprise activation...
    In mean time I destroyed the phone and I have to repair it next days.
    Something to learn:
    - I have also an IPhone and I wanted to switch the SIM between IPhone and Torch 9800.
    - I used these small plastic adapters from micro-SIM to normal SIM size and probably they were bad quality, because the microSIM moved, came out of the adapter and the adapter remained stuck in the SIM tray in BB Torch 9800.
    - I tried the trick with thin plastic film and it took me 15 min to take that bad adapter out of the SIM tray.
    - I destroyed some of pins which make contract with the SIM card, because now a normal SIM card is not recognized.
    - I ordered a new SIM tray and I have to replace it next days. Afterwards I will see the problem above. For the moment I have this "hardware" delay...
    Here are some links that I have read:
    KB05000-How to delete the service book for the BlackBerry Internet Service email account from the BlackBerry smartphone
    Deleting and Resending BlackBerry Service Books - (BES) | Rackspace Email and Exchange Support Site
    Tips & Tricks: BlackBerry Enterprise Activation on a BIS Data Plan - BerryReview
    Set up BlackBerry Internet Service. - Device Support - Support - Three

    In mean time I did a "wipe" from inside of the BB 9800.

    If I understand right I have to move from BES to BIS. Is it so?
    Or do I have to do something else?
    07-28-14 01:55 PM
  6. viki2000's Avatar
    I fixed my SIM tray problem using 2 video guides:

    The SIM works again.
    What about unlocking problems.
    I only have a prepaid card, which I chrage when I needed. Works in the BB 9800, I can place calls, but that is all.
    I want the rest of functions.
    The Web Browser works OK on 3G networks, also the YouTube application.
    The Facebook does not work, saying that "I am on a service plan which does not support that application".
    How do I remove/change that?
    The Maps are not seen, but are installed.
    07-29-14 07:40 AM
  7. viki2000's Avatar
    OK, here is what I learned and I did not know.
    First a small parenthesis: first time when I started the BB 9800 I have seen the T-Mobile German carrier logo. My SIM card was only voice, without data, was a prepaid card. Only yesterday I bought a package of data for one month to test the 3G speed on IPhone. When I will receive a better microSIM adapter I will try that SIM card also in BB 9800. That's why one reason of no data was not a proper SIM/missing data package which I bought later for my carrier Lebara.
    - Today, after I repaired the SIM tray I used another SIM card, from Vodafone. This time the 3G worked because the SIM card is a data package SIM card, but without voice, so I cannot call/test call from it.
    With these being said, I started to read more and try to understand what is this "Blackberry plan" and why do I need it and when do I need it and what is the difference compared with Android or IOs smartphones.
    Here I found the 1st answers:
    Why do I need a Data Plan?
    And the best explanations so far for my little Blackberry experience I found them here:
    FAQ: Do I Need a BlackBerry Data Plan? Answer Inside! - SprintUsers.com

    from where I quote for future reference:

    What does a BB Data Plan get me?

    See this FAQ (also located at the top of the BlackBerry Forum) for information and answers to common questions concerning BB Data Plans.

    What does not work on a BB without a BB Data Plan?

    First and foremost, push email does not work without a BB Data Plan. Second, internet access is extremely limited. The BlackBerry browser will not work, and OTA downloading is impossible. Also, applications that require anything other than a socket layer connection will not work. Most mobile applications require more than a socket layer connection and therefore will not work without a BB Data Plan.

    If you have any issue understanding what will not work on a BB without a BB Data Plan, it is advised to forgot any attempt at using a BB without the proper data plan.

    What works on a BB without a BB Data Plan?

    Voice works (making and receiving calls). Text (SMS) messaging also works.

    Are there any workarounds for the many limitations when you don't have a BB Data Plan?

    The only workaround for internet access is the use of a 3rd party browser such as Opera Mini. Because OTA downloading is not functional, you must use the included computer software to transfer the program to the phone. Getting other programs to work is a trial & error process, and most won't work. Programs such as Google Maps, Sprint TV, Sprint Music Store, GPS, BlackBerry Maps, SprintNAV, etc. are not socket layer programs and will not work. Most IM programs, however, are socket layer programs and will work by transferring them from your computer via USB. Keep in mind that any working programs will use data, therefore a PowerVision plan is still necessary to avoid excessive data charges.

    If you have any issue understanding how to implement the above workarounds on a BB without a BB Data Plan, it is advised to forgot any attempt at using a BB without the proper data plan.

    Can the BB Data Plans be added and removed from my account whenever I please?

    Yes, BB Data Plans can be added and removed without affecting your account contract terms. However, some Customer Care Reps are not willing to remove a BB Data Plan when a BlackBerry is on the account, and most store locations will not allow a BlackBerry to exist on an account without a proper BB Data Plan. Your best bet when trying to remove a BB Data Plan is through the My Sprint website or by calling *2 on your Sprint phone. You should have little trouble adding a BB Data Plan mid-contract to your account.

    07-29-14 09:09 AM
  8. a-ricky's Avatar
    Hello Matt and MobileMadness002. Thanks both of you for your help and support. I took a BIS Black Berry plan and now I see that most of my issues are resolved. However the only thing which isn't working is VIBER. I can send and receive messages however I can't make any calls. Please help.
    Thanks a lot in advance for your help and support
    07-30-14 11:26 PM
  9. tangozulu's Avatar
    I believe you can only have 1 active viber account on 1 devise. You may want to delete viber from your old phone then re-install and sign up on the 9800. Since you have BIS it should work?
    Just guessing though I bought a used 9800 this morning and await its arrival. Bought a 9900 last week...............cant get enough berries.
    Old BB's are my new crack.
    08-06-14 01:56 PM
  10. rohitshinde06's Avatar
    dear friend can u plz tell me mep code to unlock my B9800 asit is locked to one network sim
    09-12-14 12:17 AM

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