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    I need some advice. If I turn my wifi on while the radio signal is on, will it take preference over my network data bundle? For this to work I would have to have my data services set to on. Does anything get charged against my data bundle or is everything done via wifi?

    Is there a way around this like if I go on holiday and want to keep the wifi settings only without turning the radio signal on? If I turn the data services off I am not able to access any of the services like Browser, Facebook etc.
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    I would very much be interested in the answer myself.

    All the posts I've found and read state that you must first find and save a hotspot before you can automatically connect.

    Again, in searching and reading posts, I think I understand that the phone will automatically use wifi over data services.

    And while that's helpful here in the states, it's not helpful overseas.

    Yesterday, I called ATT and they told me if i leave it in airplane mode, I can use apps that don't require data usage.

    If i want to use sms, email, voice mail, or internet, I have to purchase seperate international packages, on top of my regular domestic package.

    Her suggestion was to turn off the radio each time I'm not using it, but that's a) a pain in the neck B) not what I'm used to as I now have unlimited texts, internet, etc., and in all likihood, I'll forget and c) it's so easy to turn on even when I'm not trying to (as is the case in turning it off when I'm not trying to) My feeling is that I'll spend most of my time worrying about if I turned it off, if it turned itself on, and if I'm going over my minutes (none of which are unlimited overseas).

    Alternately, if I purchase a dumb phone overseas and turn off data here for that 2 weeks, upon returning home and reinstating my plan, most of my texts will be lost as they only hold on the server for 24 hours.
    05-18-11 06:59 PM
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    The device will default to WI-FI, but will still send small amounts of data over the cellular network, even when connected to a hotspot. When you turn off the cellular radio, even though the phone shows your BB services are connected to BES/BIS over WI-FI, most BB centric things will fail to work. You can still use the browser, but that is about it. Most apps it seems authenticate with the BB server over the cellular radio, so it seems.
    05-19-11 12:04 AM
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    I have "WiFi Manager" on my Torch. It's free from App World. Cntrydncr makes a good point that you must save the hotspot(s) but once done the app connects automatically when at the hotspot, and, as important, shuts off the WiFi when out of range. Wiggy is correct that a small amount of data is still used even when on WiFi. I have checked this and found it to be the case. I am on a 200MB plan with AT&T and have not gone over that limit with my BB set up as it is.
    05-19-11 10:33 AM