1. webss's Avatar
    Have a question and unsure where to post it and cant find a how to online for it.

    I have 2 Blackberry Torch 9800, excately the same. One I use, works great, the other is locked(was my pone butscwered it up).

    I want to take the whole upper part of the phone that slides and switch them as the working one is chipped on the edge.
    Can I do this without effect the operation of the phone? If so Can someone tell me how?
    If it effects the operation of the phone, meaning info, data os or whatever is stored in this part then I would want to change just the trim ring peice along the outside of the upper slider.

    I looked for a tutorial but cant find one so figure I should ask before I go figureing it out and wrecking it.

    I would rather replace the whole peice as it is in far better condition including the glass and buttons.

    Thanks for any help
    01-01-13 09:49 AM
  2. Just Giver's Avatar
    You can switch the upper slider housing but you must make sure the displays are the same version and the only way to confirm that is by looking under the display. There are two versions 001 and 002. To do this you must remove the digitizer, two more screws will be exposed to remove from slider housing then you must pry the display off. I have heard that this is not always successful having your display not working after. So this is your call.

    If you want you can always swap the motherboards between phones and take a chance that displays are identical. Not sure what the outcome will be if they are not but I have done this.
    01-01-13 07:07 PM
  3. webss's Avatar
    Thanks for the response. Sounds like it may not be worth it I suppose.
    At this point if I can just replace the top silverish plastic around the screen I would be happy.
    01-02-13 06:03 AM
  4. webss's Avatar
    Anyone know if the plastic trim piece on the top around the glass come off or is it all one piece?
    01-17-13 10:22 AM
  5. pastycat's Avatar
    The silver sction/bezel is the main upper slider unfortunately, not as simple as you'd hope to swap over,
    ive just changed the digitizer on mine, there are fairly good wallk through's on line, take your pic from a google search, the one i used did miss out 2 screws though, they are under the sider mecanismon the back of the housing, uner 2 black stickers,
    as long as your happy taking phones etc apart then you wont have much trouble, you'll Need a T2 screwdriver though, the majority of the screws you'll have to remove are T2!!
    your robably best gettng areplacement housing from ebay and doing the lot, That or just put up with the chips!!
    01-22-13 08:14 AM

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