1. robertkopf's Avatar
    Can anyone tell me how to reload the OS for the Torch 9800? I'm having so many issues with this phone, screen freezes, uncaught exception error messages, delayed responses, etc.
    I'm so fed up with this device that if this doesn't work, I'm ready to make the jump to droid or iPhone. This is my 4th BB and they've all had this same bug. I don't even use any downloaded apps that could be blamed for this. Anyone have any other advice??

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    11-23-11 03:00 PM
  2. westcoaststyle's Avatar
    11-23-11 03:07 PM
  3. Studpuppy24's Avatar
    Apploader?? Is it included in the Desktop Manager of torch cause I cant find it in the program files. so I cant delete the vendor file?
    11-26-11 04:49 AM
  4. MaxxxBerry23's Avatar
    Have you already downloaded and installed an OS to your PC?
    11-26-11 05:21 AM
  5. Joseph Holder's Avatar
    Let's back up and give the man what he's looking for. A little shameless plug: I think this is the article that you're looking for. BlackBerry 302: A complete wipe and clean install of your BlackBerry OS

    If that doesn't help, you might want to try one of these.

    Finallly, there's so much confusion over the vendor.xml file. If you're installing the official OS from your wireless carrier, don't even worry about it. If you're not, the easiest way to find the file is to search for "vendor.xml" on your computer. Assuming you're running windows, the .xml file will be in Program files/Common/Research In Motion\AppLoader
    11-26-11 11:28 PM
  6. newbie9800's Avatar
    the apploader screen comes up with no apps at all.
    cannot upload .alx file from backup can anyone help?
    10-24-13 12:40 AM
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