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    I have a blackberry torch 9800 and a few days ago, I was viewing a video on youtube and when the video was done my icons were all arranged in a different way, so I have no idea what caused this, but anyway I think this wasn't such a smart move on my behalf but I reset my phone to default to get back my icons the way they were arranged but then this seemed to change several things, like it changed the whatsapp application, the facebook app and the twitter app, all of them used to work on my home's wi-fi with no problems and now none of them work and they also used to work when my data plan isn't in service, each one would tell me services are unavailable and whatsapp doesn't show whether my contacts are online or not and it doesn't send out any of my messages. the only thing that works on my home's wi-fi is the browser and the youtube app. I've also tried to go to device settings and editing a few of the permissions, but that didn't work either. Help would be much appreciated it's really a problem that's bugging me! thanks in advance!
    01-03-13 05:55 PM
  2. Crowezine's Avatar
    Resetting your phone to 'default' means that it will restore everything to it's original version. Meaning that your version of those apps could be out of date, and without the patches. So I suggest you make sure everything is updated, and if it still doesn't work. Go to your SIM CARD retailer.
    01-04-13 09:41 AM

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