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    i recently upgraded to .666. i've noticed two things-the first is that after i end a phone call and go to bbm or text, the predictive text is on. i hate that. after typing for awhile, it goes back off. in options, my type style for both the virtual and physical keyboard are set to direct. this is super annoying. i've rebotted and whanot several times.
    my second issue is voice mail. i forward my work phone calls (a verizon phone) to my torch (att). when someone leaves a message on my work voicemail, it no longer shows up on my torch in my visual voice mail. it used to until recently. when i reboot the phone, all of my work voicemails show up.
    has anyone been able to successfuly download .668? i can't install it on my computer from the balckberry website for various reasons.
    10-12-11 09:51 PM
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    I am running .666 but have not experienced your issues. I am on BIS. You might try reinstalling .666 (after you wipe your device, of course). From what I have read, .668 is no big deal, but every phone is different.

    Oh, have you done a battery pull? The effect is different than if you do a soft re-boot. Do this before you try anything else.
    10-13-11 07:40 AM
  3. fourthandtwenty_six's Avatar
    Yeah I've done a hundred battery pulls. I also wiped and reinsalled .666. I cant download .668, i keep getting error messages on my computer. Anyway, I'm not getting any voicemails at all. I've alsp reinstalled visual voice mail. Nothing works at this point. I'm missing all sorts of messages frpm various people. Sjould I go back to the previos os?

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    10-13-11 07:21 PM
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    Just want to UP this thread...

    I am having the same problem with my Torch 9800. After I upgraded my OS, Ive been having problems already with this predictive texting... I have set it to Direct already but every now and then, predictive enables itself BUT not on the settings. For me to disable it again, I have to to select predictive - save it - then select direct again..

    This is getting annoying... Thanks!
    04-12-12 05:10 AM