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    My trusty Torch got water-damaged several years back, leading to my brief (and forgetable) stint with Android. The screen still worked, but none of the physical keys would, so you couldn't navigate on the phone.

    Fast forward to now. The phone has sat in the back of the drawer, pulled out once in a while out of curiosity (to see if it still didn't work) and for old times sake.

    This evening, I got the phone out and gave it to my year-old daughter. She loves to grab and carry our phones, but tends to drop them on tile, and we can't exactly afford for her to break our daily-use phones. After she toted the Torch around for a few minutes, I noticed that she had typed something... the keys were working again! I played around with it, and sometimes it reverts back to no buttons working, but most of the time the phone is fully functioning.

    Having my hands on a working Torch again reminded me of how great a phone it was. My first touchscreen (previous phone was a Curve), awesome keyboard, cool slideout keyboard (I'd whip it out like a gunslinger, lol)... oh, the nostalgia!

    BlackBerry Curve 8310 (2010), BlackBerry Torch 9800 (2011-2013), Android junk (2013-2014), BlackBerry Z10 (2014-present)
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    08-31-16 10:54 PM
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    You need to get yourself a priv to get that gun slinger feeling back
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    09-01-16 12:23 AM
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    I know what you mean! Coincidentally I just found my old Torch inside my car's compartment after probably a couple of years of it sitting there. As I type this I'm also waiting for an update to download as I can't seem to turn it on (but Desktop Software still recognizes it) so we'll see how this goes.
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    09-05-16 10:58 PM

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