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    I'm beyond ignorant when it comes to 'smart' things but I tried downloading the latest software version for my Torch 9800... and realized I don't know which one is the latest version

    When I go here https://swdownloads.blackberry.com/D...wseSoftware.do and choose 9800, 3 options pop up... Which of the numbers in those sequences indicate the versions status newest vs oldest?
    I currently have package version Applications: Software Platform:

    Also, is the carrier important? I am trying to update this BB so I can use it in the US with a T-mobile SIM, as the current version doesn't allow the internet to work. T-mobile site doesn't even list 9800 as an option.

    Please and thanks!
    11-06-13 08:13 PM
  2. Blacklatino's Avatar
    11-06-13 08:27 PM
  3. saudadeii's Avatar
    Or you can refer to the stickies at the top of the forum for "latest" and instructions to install them. Carrier is not critical as long as you get the right language.

    I run my 9800 on T-Mobile in the US. You *WILL* need a Blackberry data plan.
    11-08-13 10:29 AM

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