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    Hi - I have a Torch 9800 which used to sync perfectly with my Outlook 2003 using my laptop with windows xp and using blackberry desktop version 6.0 bundle 2391. I also tried it with my desktop using windows 7. (I know - all is ancient - I'm working on upgrades). Now my bb won't sync my calendar - either 2 way or 1 way to outlook on either computer. I want this mainly so I can get a new phone and get the old info onto the new phone with google or something. The contacts sync fine on both and the backup using desktop manager on both say they back up completely. While syncing it seems to start and move along the process and then gets stuck with the progress bar still looking like light is moving across it and the progressing circle moving as well but just won't move forward even after I gave it 1/2 an hour. Even when I try to cancel it - it won't cancel unless I control-alt-delete and shut it down with the task manager. Please help - thanks!
    08-24-17 03:29 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Look in BBW for a contact backup or export app.
    08-24-17 03:52 PM

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