1. tubbyandtattooed's Avatar

    Ive just done a update to app world now it seems to be missing

    Ive Rebooted and done a battery pull, when i search its not showing but if i do a fresh download it says do i want to replace it?

    any advice were it might be hiding?

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    11-12-12 04:02 AM
  2. higgs_muc's Avatar
    Same here... couldn't find a way yet to get it back. Any hint would be appreciated...
    11-12-12 04:10 AM
  3. Eryzky's Avatar
    Had the same problem some weeks back. It really got me frustrated! Solution? Either you update your device's OS or if already up to date (just like mine) then you should re-install the device's OS again.

    Battery pulling is really a waste of time! Just following the instructions above.
    11-13-12 05:39 PM
  4. tubbyandtattooed's Avatar
    thanks for the heads up. i tryed un installing app world and a fresh install of it that dint work so looks like a fresh OS install is what i need lol

    ill probably just leave it for now though as i dont want to risk being with out my BB till BB10 is out lol.

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    11-14-12 02:07 AM
  5. HardpackBerry's Avatar
    There's a message on BB support that says that App World might have disappeared after the latest update if you have OS v6 on your phone. They say they are investigating the cause. My app world has disappeared too!
    11-14-12 02:46 AM
  6. higgs_muc's Avatar
    Just found out that RIM published a workaround for this. See quote below:

    On BlackBerry OS versions prior to and the AppWorld Icon is not visible, please download and install the BlackBerry AppWorld
    Open the BlackBerry Browser on the BlackBerry smartphone.
    Browse to http://mobileapps.blackberry.com/dev...code=appworld3
    After download, please restart your BlackBerry smartphone when prompted.
    Verify that BlackBerry App World is located on the home screen.
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    11-14-12 03:39 AM

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