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    I have been backing up my BB Torch on a regular basis. I guess you can never stress enough how important backups are! I have an interesting situation and I have done some research but no answers. This is why I am posting here. I need to access the memopad/notes. How can I accomplish this without a working BB? I have used the Desktop Manager so I have a variety (dates) of backups. I also have the Blackberry Protect feature running everyday by default. I have seen some information about using some free software to extract the memos into a .txt/.doc. Anything like that would be a great. Thanks so much!

    (Another issue is that my BB Torch stopped working after 3 years and 2 months of heavy service, I suspect its more than a new battery issue, my main button stopped working months ago and the torch screen was turning off in the last few weeks, with no warranty left no sure what else to do besides get a BB10 when they come out in January)
    12-22-12 08:15 PM

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