1. jnb903's Avatar
    is there a way to sync my bb to icloud?
    12-11-11 09:25 PM
  2. AidenSurvival's Avatar
    No. Apple would never allow such a thing.

    Want to sync contacts, memos, etc? BlackBerry Protect.

    Music? Well, after I installed a hybrid on my 9800, I had WiFi music sync enabled on my device.
    12-12-11 03:01 PM
  3. saudadeii's Avatar
    Well, it depends on what specific items you want to sync. Try a Google search and you'll find out more.
    12-12-11 03:47 PM
  4. ww123456789's Avatar
    I really don't think apple would allow bb users to use it. That's like RIM making an BBM app for Iphone
    12-12-11 06:41 PM
  5. Richmartin's Avatar
    Hi there, I have a solution for this.* I have upgraded my macs, iPads and iPhones to iCloud, but I am getting so confused with the direction apple are going in, and the power they are now wielding, that I have bought a blackberry.* I still wanted to keep my email, contacts and calendars in iCloud so my wife could continue to use the iPad and her iPhone, but needed to sync the contacts and calendars to my blackberry and vice versa.* Took me a while, but got there in the end.* Firstly, install an app called syncml pro on you iCloud enabled iPhone or iPad.* That is the only app which will work for calendars and contacts.* Then, go to website myfunambol.com, and create an account.* Back in the syncml pro app, configure it using the settings from the following link https://help.forge.funambol.org/questions/answer2.html .* This will then allow you to automatically sync any changes on your iOS device to the myfunambol server.* Then, install the funambol app on your blackberry, any hey presto, you have 2 way sync!* The beauty is that because iCloud works across all iOS devices, even if you change or add a contact or event on an iOS device that doesn't have the syncml app, iCloud sends your changes to the iOS device that does have it on, syncml picks it up, automatically syncs to myfunambol server, and then when you sync your blackberry, it picks it up.* Works exactly the same way in reverse, ie a change on blackberry will change all your iOS devices.* When the funambol app for ios supports calendars as well as contacts, you can do the whole sync from funambol without syncml.
    12-19-11 05:15 PM