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    Hi there am new on this forum. I try every guild i can find on how to fix a nuke BB 9800, but none of them work..

    I was hoping someone can help me out.. I work at a cellphone repair shop. I just got a blackberry 9800 yesterday. I got this problem with other blackberry that i couldn't fix. I search around and try most guild I found online on how to fix a nuke blackberry. this time the blackberry 9800 is a little different. I try app loader,Blackberry Desktop, BBSAK,JL_Cmder and still no luck. it keep saying my device is not connect want I used BBSAK or JL_Cmder. I keep getting Reconnecting to JVM want i used app loader and BD.I couldn't get the Pin:Unknown. I always get Pin:bb Pin number.This is the weird part sometime the blackberry show the charging icon than go to the blackberry logo screen than shut down another word i mean it show the blackberry word for a second than it off.I also try the battery trick to get the unknown Pin still dont get it, Also try the tesk manager trick still no long. I hope someone can help me out please. One more thing want I used Blackberry Desktop once it start downloading itg give me no internet connection error. please help out.
    11-12-12 01:49 PM

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