1. ppeters914's Avatar
    Posted this in the Hybrids Forum several days ago. Over a hundred views, but not a single response, so will try again here.

    So, thinking of installing a Hybrid OS while waiting for BB10. A faster browser would be nice. Spent most of the day reading various threads (it's slow at work right now ), and these appear to be my choices:

    B@stard - Aorist (20121217)
    BerryLicious Returns, for OS 6 and 7.1
    OSBB 707v6 for OS6 BlackBerrys (11/17/2012)
    Raikkohad 747 Edition 3 (Hybrid For OS6 Devices)

    This is almost as bad as picking a Linux distro.

    What's the difference in these builds?

    I'd be interested in how y'all made your choice on what to try, and how you determined if it worked for you.

    01-04-13 12:47 PM
  2. dee.'s Avatar
    I'm on aorist right now. I haven't tried berrylicious or osbb on my torch yet. But I have tried raikkohad. The battery performance on it was lovely, but I wasn't able to use a few apps on it that I could on aorist. Then again those are hybirds. Some apps you can use, then some you can't use. I'd say test each out for a week and see which worked best for you. I'm pretty content with aorist for now.
    01-04-13 12:59 PM
  3. ppeters914's Avatar
    What's funny is that the B@stard builder had rolled back to the earlier Akimbo build, and recommended I start with that one before trying Aorist. He'd probably appreciate hearing from you regarding Aorist.

    What apps didn't work for you using Raikkohad?
    01-04-13 02:27 PM

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