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    Happy new year to you all,

    My torch has developed an issue or two
    The green call key and red hang up key do not work at all ever
    The bb key and back key are fine,
    Also my trackball will not work when the slider is open and although when closed I can navigate with it, unfortunately when I press it will not select.
    I have replaced the track pad and done all the usual battery pulls , reinstalled the software etc, currently the phone is at factory settings and completely wiped. I'm qt handy with a screwdriver and hoping to resolve the issue myself, just asking those if anybody else has had a similar issue and what parts to replace, or is it dead .
    All responses appreciated, I love my 9800 and would ,like to keep it for as long as sustainable.

    Thanks in advance

    01-06-13 06:22 AM

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